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The History

Restoring authenticity to food from the ground up is the missioin that drives us. Restauration is the realization of a dream.

Our Story

Nestled in an assortment of cuisines and modelled with contemporary technology, we at Zucca will take you on a well-gourmet journey with an Indianised twist. Your dining experience till date will shatter here with our soulful menu intrigued with molecular technology. It will lift up your taste buds along with your imagination towards flavours and all in all, will reverse specification to your dining experience.

Here at Zucca, we not only experiment the flavours and fusion but also takes inspiration from ancient and traditional dishes with a touch of a scientific twist. Menus and ingredients which were not likely used now have got a prestigious place in our kitchen. The modern take on the Indian cuisine along with science is enough to blow one’s mind with utter delightement. We have decided to reach back to our Indian roots and bring to every platter the taste of India. At Zucca which is not among the typical restaurant you witness causally; Zucca is a place where innovations take place every day. Overlook the hustle bustle of the city and recreate the familiar flavours with global accents. Visit us at Zucca as it is nothing but a magnum opus for foodies.

Best Service Ever

Zucca is one place where you can enjoy explicit food. The varieties on your platter will make you wonder if heaven IS Food. The ambience, the soothing smell of lavish food, the taste that lingers without fading and the complimenting edifice makes us the best services ever in the culinary domain.

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